Mods Policy

In the world of gaming, mods (short for modifications) are a fascinating and creative aspect that allows players to customize, enhance, and even transform their gaming experiences.

At Game Decide, we recognize the significant impact mods can have on the gaming community. We are committed to fostering a vibrant modding community while upholding responsible and ethical practices.

Understanding Video Game Mods

Mods are user-created modifications that alter or extend the gameplay of video games. They can include anything from new character skins and weapons to entirely new game levels or storylines. Mods are a testament to the creativity and passion of the gaming community and have contributed to the longevity and popularity of many games.

Our Video Game Mods Policy

At Game Decide, we believe in the value and potential of video game mods, but we also recognize the importance of responsible modding practices. Our Video Game Mods Policy is built on principles that prioritize the safety, legality, and ethical considerations of modding:

1. Legal Compliance:

We strongly support and advocate for the adherence to copyright laws and intellectual property rights. Modders are encouraged to create content that respects the legal rights of game developers and publishers. Mods that infringe on copyrights or licenses will not be promoted or hosted on our platform.

Mods published on Game Decide are released with developer credits. You can claim credit for posts that mistakenly lack the original author or developer’s name; these can be reported to us. All mods are posted on this website for promotional purposes.

2. Safety and Security:

The safety and security of our community are paramount. We do not endorse or support mods that contain malicious software, viruses, or any harmful code. Mods shared on our platform must meet strict security standards to protect our users.

3. Respectful Content:

We promote a culture of respect and inclusivity within the gaming community. Mods that contain hate speech, offensive content, or any form of discrimination will not be allowed on our platform. We encourage modders to create content that fosters a positive and respectful environment for all players.

4. Age-Appropriate Content:

We respect age ratings and content guidelines established by game developers and rating boards. Mods should adhere to these guidelines, ensuring that they are suitable for the intended audience. We will not host or promote mods that breach these standards.

5. Transparency and Attribution:

Transparency is essential in the modding community. Modders are encouraged to provide clear and accurate information about their mods, including credits to original creators if they build upon existing content. We prioritize mods that are honest and transparent about their origins and modifications.

6. User Safety and Responsibility:

We advise users to exercise caution and responsibility when downloading and using mods. Users should be aware of the potential risks associated with modding and ensure that they download mods from trusted sources.

Warning! Please make a backup of your game before doing changes to it.

7. Community Guidelines:

We have established community guidelines that all users must adhere to when discussing, sharing, or promoting mods on our platform. These guidelines are designed to maintain a respectful and constructive environment for our community.

8. Feedback and Reporting:

We encourage users to provide feedback and report any mods that violate our policies. Our moderation team will review reports and take appropriate action in cases of policy violations.


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